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Structure - New map

The new version of the map has been created using the layout of Google Map. An additional layer with marks of the epigraphic finds (Points of Interests, POIs) was placed over the standard view. This new function allows users to freely move through the map and zoom in or out POIs.

Every POI has a specific colour allowing for quick recognition of the type of finds on each site:

  • RED indicates archaeological sites with only text finds,
  • YELLOW indicates sites with only seal finds,
  • BLUE indicates sites with engraved only object finds,
  • ORANGE indicates archaeological sites with text and seal finds,
  • GREEN indicates sites with seal and object finds,
  • VIOLET indicates archaeological sites with all finds: seals, texts and objects.

Basic information is given for every archaeological site (recent name, ancient name, geographical coordinates) and for each of the archaeological finds (type of find, quantity).

In case of minor finds discovered in a Turkish province but without a precise find-spot a POI has been placed on the districtual capital city.
By clicking on this symbol () you get access to the entire list of sites.
The icon on the right-top side of the map () opens the map in a new tab and gives access to additional functions such as the search bar, print and exportation options.