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This work is a collection and a revision of data concerning epigraphic finds dating back to the Hittite Kingdom (16th – 13th cent. B.C.).
Data concerning rock inscriptions or rock reliefs, already listed on the web-site "Monuments of the Hittites" are not included.

The finds referenced on the map are those coming from a known location or, at least, a known geographical province. Texts, seals or inscribed objects coming from the antiquity market are not included because they do not respond to the geographical scope of the project.

The area taken into consideration is the Syro-Anatolian region from the Mediterranean Western Anatolian coast to the Tigris valley and from the Northern Anatolian coast of the Black Sea to the Syro-Lebanese border.
There are two external sites included because of their importance for the Hittitological studies: Tell el-Amarna and 'Aqar-Quf.

The geographical nature of this project is intended to be general and explicative, not professional, as would be the case of a GIS mapping: the location of each archaeological site, and its corresponding geographical coordinates, have only an indicative value.

A note about the seals' bibliography: because of the great quantity of publications of these finds, the only reference to the finds prior 2009 is the recent catalogue, HPPM 7 (see Bibliography for further information). The bibliography of seal findsFFfter 2009 has been regularly recorded.