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The present web-site has been developed with the purpose of creating a general geographic map of the epigraphic finds belonging to the Hittite Kingdom (1600 – 1150 BC). Finds listed here concern texts, seals, and inscribed objects written either in Akkadian or Hittite.
Data come from more than 70 archaeological sites spread over a territory extending from the Western Anatolian coast to the Tigris valley and from the Northern Anatolian coast to the Syro-Lebanese border.

The web-site and its contents have been created and are updated by Dr. Dario Fossati.
The page was realized as part of the project "Creazione di una mappa interattiva dei ritrovamenti epigrafici nei siti anatolici e siriani sotto controllo ittita" and has been supervised by Professor Franca Pecchioli Daddi of the University of Florence.
It has been part of the research project PRIN 2009 "Modelli di costruzione fisica ed ideologica del territorio e identità culturali: città sacre, santuari, complessi funerari in Siria, Anatolia e Transcaucasia nelle Età del Bronzo e del Ferro", supervised by Professor Stefania Mazzoni.

Updating of the site is currently supported by the University of Florence (Dept. SAGAS) under the supervision of Giulia Torri.

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News, Updates and Site's History

  • 06/01/2022 - Updated finds in Tatarlı Höyük.
  • 02/06/2021 - Updated activable layers on the map.
  • 25/09/2020 - Updated finds in Boğazköy, Tell Judaidah, Tell Açana and Hatay district.
  • 13/09/2020 - Created External links page.
  • 10/09/2020 - Updated References pages. Removed Research pages.
  • 01/09/2020 - HITTITE EPIGRAPHIC FINDS 2.0!
    New layout, updated homepage and maps' pages.
  • 08/08/2019 - Updated finds in Çine-Tepecik.
  • 13/10/2018 - Updated finds in Şarhöyük; added Hisarlık's record.
  • 04/08/2017 - Updated finds in Oylum Höyük.
  • 27/06/2016 - Updated finds in Kayalipinar and Usakli Hoyuk.
  • 07/12/2015 - Updated finds in Boğazköy.
  • 20/08/2014 - Added Research section.