Hittite Epigraphic Findings In The Ancient Near East
Project and Target



The high number of archaeological sites, spread over a great expanse of territory, leads us to create two map levels: the first one is an overview of the entire Syro-Anatolian region and from here it is possible click on specific regions for a more indepth view; the second one is a closer look of selected areas where archeological sites have been placed.
To quickly show the type of findings at each site, every site point is colour-coded depending on its findings:

  • RED indicates archaeological sites with text findings,
  • GREEN indicates sites with seal findings,
  • BLUE indicates sites with engraved object findings.

For every archaeological site there is a list of specifications, detailing the site's basic information (nation, province, geographical coordinates) and, naturally, information about its archaeological findings (type of inscription and quantity). When a clear identification of the exact location of minor findings was not possible, it was decided to mark the capital city of the province of origin of the findings in order to give a general idea of their location.

In addition, we facilitate the navigation listing all sites in a table, ordered by the name, with few basic geographical information and with the link to his area. In this way, it will be possible to access directly to a site’s area and see its position, knowning only its name.


The present project was born as an informative project to provides a useful item available at all times on the web. However, large amount of data collected here can be easely used in a lot of other studies.
In the "Research" page we collected works about seal and text data. Maps have been created to show data diffusion or concentration, while in few charts it's been listed and ordinated the archaeological sites with their findings.
It has to be clear that data displayed will be periodically updated, but it remains however incomplete and limited by our achaeological limitations.